I will teach you csharp programming with in depth knowledge



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This is about a 3 hours session. We’ll talk about mostly basic things in this project. I’ll try to maintain good basic stuff with some resources so that you can learn most. 

Mid Level
This is about a 5 hours session. First half we’ll talk about the basic and in the second half, we’ll start to learn about some hard stuff.

Expert Level
This is about 8 hours session. I’ll like to take this in 6 days so that you can understand more cause we’re gonna touch some expert topics too. expert topics take some times so I’ll give some extra time to practice on this. 

I am a Full Stack Web developer with industry experience building websites and web applications. I specialize in JavaScript and have professional experience working with C#, Angular, MongoDB and SQL.

I’m also familiar with Java.

I’m experienced in

Developing core features for the product using Angular and C#.
Handling Database connectivities.
Work with multiple Web API’s

 Technologies I know:
– Angular, C#, JavaScript, ES6, TypeScript, Rest Web API’s, MongoDB, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap


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