I will teach you c pluss pluss for college and university



 will spend a few hours teaching you where to begin in learning C++ especially as a first language. We will use some sort of program example as an objective and guide throughout the process. Starting with “Hello World”, we will dive into lower level programming, including loops, if-else statements, and basic function behavior. After a basic understanding of syntax, we will progress by learning how to think and organize effectively as a programmer. By the end of the session, you will leave with a fully functioning program or game, as well an understanding of how to program in non-web based Python. 

Note: If you are taking a college course and have an assignment you need help with, we can use that as a guide as well. 

One more thing to tell if u understand this course and able to make good program. It will able to learn any language like python,assemblyy language ,batch programming etc.


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