I will teach you c or java programming in 20 hours



If you are someone who likes to take control of your life, money and time. This course is for you.

No experience required.

Main purpose of this gig is to give you the understanding of the programming concepts.
My primary focus is to make people familiar with programming who aren’t really programmers and have a burning desire to learn programming.
But don’t worry, programmers with weak programming skills are also welcome to join the course. Believe it or not, earning money is the secondary thing. 

Here’s what we are gonna go like:
20 Days
20 Hours
20 Interactive Sessions
Just for $795.

End of the Day:-
At end of the day, you will be able to take a look at any code and you will be able to easily figure out what exactly is happening in there. 😉
You will be able to code yourself and build new amazing things. 

You could also get a 30 days Package depending upon your need in which we do 10 days of worth programming exercises live under my guidance.
Thank you.
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