I will teach you basic HTML and css



This will be a question and answer format.  You’ll provide the question(s) based on which level of the gig is appropriate and I’ll record a custom training video based on the length of time purchased and what level of the gig was purchased.  

Please contact me before ordering.

Video is yours to keep and will be hosted online for you to refer back to for 1 year from publish date.

This is not a service to do HTML homework assignments.  I will guide you on particular topics and provide examples if you would like but I do not do homework assignments.

Please look carefully at the differing levels, the price and the length of the video for each and choose appropriately.  The video length is an approximation but I will always do at least the length purchased, but sometimes it will go longer as I’m teaching.

Final note: I work 9-5 Monday through Friday in the US on the east coast.  My Fiverr work is part-time outside those hours so please bear that in mind when purchasing this gig. 

Thank you for having a look at my gig.  


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