I will teach you automation for web application or mobile apps



I will teach you Selenium automation testing from the scratch. Selenium is basically for automation of web based application only. In my gig, I have provided 3 types of packages to opt for.

In BASIC Package,

  •  We will include the basic automation scripts, using selenium IDE and exporting them to desired Programming language and re-run it.
  • Plus we will create individual class files to handle the basic web page elements that are available for a web page.

In STANDARD Package,

  • We will include BASIC + POM (Page Object Model), POM is widely used now a days when it comes to automation testing.
  • We will create a sample POM Project and will go through all the possible scenarios that are being taken care while working with POM.

In PREMIUM Package,

  • There will be in-depth implementation of POM framework, including all kind of controls available for web pages, how to handle them.
  • Moreoever, we will go thorugh the detailed Project structure for POM. Yes, a well designed project structure is really important for any organisation.
  • We will also try to cover Report generation in this course. How you can make your own report. 


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