I will teach wireshark analysis for wired and wireless protocol



?Service offered:

   ?What is network troubleshooting
   ?Troubleshooting tools
   ?Troubleshooting methodologies
   ?Introduction to Wireshark
   ?How Wireshark Works
   ?Capturing Packets
   ?What are capture and display filters
   ?Configuring Global Preferences
   ?Navigation and Colorization Techniques  etc.
   ? ?? For more details please refer pdf attached in Galery ??

? OS: Linux /MAC /Windows
? Tools: Wiresahrk | Omnipeek [optional]

?Why should you hire me?

   ? You should hire
because i have work experience in Wireshark. So i can help you from
practical experience. 

? Whatever deadline you will provide i will complete
within that time.


? Quality is the first thing that i keep in mind.So do not
worry about it.


?Not Satisfied?

  ? If you are not satisfied with the service i
will return your money asap.

?Planning to order GIG?

  ?Please ping me before
ordering the gig.


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