I will teach python programming basic to advanced



No. of Students to be admitted for May: 1 Left (Out of 5)

Python Programming is a no-brainer for the programmers of 2020 and onwards. It is hard to find the best Python Mentor/Tutor than finding a good doctor 😀

So, I am here to help all of you guys! I am a well-known python tutor. I am an author of the Best-Selling Python Book. I mostly guide people to code efficiently on Python and tell them how they can land a client using Python Programming

There are many tutors out there who will teach python programming but I teach python programming along with 3 Essential Life Skills (PLP)

Basically, My Course is personalized for each student. So, I only take 5 students a month in my program. After that, I teach them the core steps.

This program is also up for the first 5 students who are willing to learn python only. Not for more than 5!

I have set this barrier because I don’t do much private 1-on-1 tutoring these days due to my busy schedule, and it’s my responsibility to hold YOU accountable, and I would not be able to do so if I have many people.

Let’s get to the board on the journey of success you want to reach with Python!

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