I will teach java programming as private tutor



learning programming is hard for you and nothing helps. books, tutorials courses, doesn’t help.
you managed to learn the basics, but you don’t understand what to do with it, how everything works together.
you’re stuck with your errors and problems you don’t know how to solve, this does not make any sense to you at all.

I have been there years ago, I know all about this. learning programming is more than memorizing its a different way of thinking you need to get used to.

I know what a total beginner needs to practice to make things click, I know what basic projects and tasks you need to do to be able to code intuitively, once you get to that level you can learn and use any programming language.

I have studied the difference between human logic and machine logic. and I have compiled a list of exercises that increase the understanding of machine logic (which is what’s behind the code and why you don’t understand it).

book a lesson with me now if you want to learn and master programming faster and more effectively.

please contact me before you order

please don’t ask me to solve assignments/tasks or any academic work this is against fiverr terms of service.



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