I will teach game development on unity3d over skype



If you are a beginner and needs training on how to make your own professional games on Unity3D game engine, then you have landed just at the right place.

About the Gig: 

  • The gig offers a one to one online lesson on a topic that you prefer, or if you want to follow our course curriculum you are most welcome.
  • As a part of the lesson, the instructor would guide you directly and also give you a chance to practically exercise the skill you learnt during the lesson under the instructor’s supervision.
  • You would be assigned a task by the end of the lesson and the instructor would expect you to give it a try by yourself in your free time for your own help.
  • You can request a custom requirement or follow our curriculum

About the Instructor:
The instructor “Mubashar Saeed” is a professional teacher of programming subjects and also an active mobile game developer with experience of creating games and apps using Unity3D game development engine.

Per hour cost for a lesson is $15. If you follow the curriculum provided by us you would complete the course easily in around 10-15 lessons.

Feel free to contact if you have any queries.
Looking forward to see you 🙂 


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