I will teach fun and meaningful english through skype or zoom


I’m a Licensed professional English teacher. I teach all levels: from Beginners to Advanced, and these are not your boring lessons from school) They are carefully tailored for each student to address the weaknesses and improve them. Showing fun activities and meaningful learning to enhance your English skills.

1. We’ll mainly focus on your Speaking and Listening skills, increase your vocabulary, improve your confidence and understanding of English. Only 30 minutes of learning and practicing increases the chances to be a fluent speaker! The sooner you start, the faster you achieve your goal! 
2. 60 minute VIDEO lesson or conversation practice.

Most people’s attention span is about 60 minutes. Is a great opportunity for each learner to cover at least 2 topics, for example, grammar+vocabulary or grammar+speaking. 
Here we’ll focus on your Writing, Speaking, Listening, and Reading skills.They are way effective than the school lessons, and more fun 🙂 If you are an ESL-curious person and want to know more, want to practice more take 120 min to cover EVERYTHING!


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