I will suggest 10 creative names for your product or business



Names have power!

Business names can be emotional. Names such as Boo or Redskin can offend or attract. Names such as Cracker Barrel can create a positive or negative image, along with a positive or negative following. Business names have the power to influence, the power to include and the power to exclude. They have the power to inform, like Facebook, and they have the power to create a clean and consistent image, like McDonald’s.

Your name is an extension of your brand/business and it can reinforce the value you provide or distance you from it.

With 4 years of experience in branding, we have acquired the rare ability to proficiently understand our clients’ needs. It has allowed us to successfully brand hundreds of companies.
We are Agency Y (a team of 3 business development advisors).

We’re going to suggest you 10 creative names that reflect your business/product. We will make sure that the names are catchy and they will describe your business or product perfectly.

If you’re looking for straightforward, practical names or made-up names, you’re on the right place. Feel free to use the name that you think is the best.

Contact me with any questions.


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