I will source oem plastics and metal precision suppliers in china



Hi, this is Kathy from China. Glad to work with you.

Being a former procurement manager in Cisco, I have my own connection with many ISO9001 manufacturers. They are real factory, not trading company. Thus they can offer best quality yet cost effective products to you.

My connection is doing great job in metal precision & plastics OEM, ie

CNC Machining
Sheet Stamping
Die Casting
3D Printing
Laser Cutting
Injection Molding

I can connect you with them, and request quotation from them on your behalf.

??Different from other Chinese applicants, my suggestions are all ISO 9001 certified genuine real factories which work with listed companies.

??My suggestions are specialist in Metal precision & Plastics OEM. They focus on manufacturing, but not digital marketing. So you hardly find them online. 

Please message me before order my gig.


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