I will share the forex oracle system with you



The Forex Oracle System is designed to generate clear-cut turning points on any market, in multiple timeframes.

The Oracle itself is a WHAT-IF? simulation of the actions the market would take should a price level be reached or surpassed, generating longs when the market is short and viceversa.

The System DOES NOT repaint its signals. The signals themselves are generated on the opening price of the bar preventing sudden overnight changes when trading timeframes larger than daily.

With the System you will be able to:

  • Completely REMOVE any ambiguity in support and resistance, simplifying your trading experience.
  • Enter trades that generate 1000s of pips on a regular basis.
  • Revise the past performance of the Oracle on a bar-to-bar basis due to its easy to use controls.

Additionally, the System includes an Advanced Momentum Indicator that provides quicker entries and exits for the more active trader.
The complete package also includes the Magnetic Range which provides targets for ultimate precision.


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