I will setup a profitable forex trading business system for you



Hey geek, welcome to my page! Instead of me to talk about past performance of the trading system I use which is not indicative of the future, I have created an online portfolio where you can track my system trading performance/growth real time. 

I will help you setup this trading system for your business in less than 24 hours. You will start getting same result as soon as the system is activated on your account. 

How the Trading System Works

1.      ENTRY

First entry will be based on current market trend, if the trend
changes then it will cut loss on current open position and switch to sideway

2.      TARGET

Robot will run until 1% average daily profit target is reached and will
only stop trading if there are 2 consecutive loss or maximum 2% daily loss

3.      LOSS

Maximum loss per day is 2%, that means margin
call will only occur if there are 50 consecutive loss thus NO MARGIN CALL


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