I will set up your linkedin lead generation with results



I have created 1000’s B2B Sales connections business owners, potential candidates, or simply lead generations for services – this provides a steady stream of leads through YOUR LinkedIn Profile. 

*If you have less than 250 connections, please use our other gig – https://www.fiverr.com/share/437rYb*

After being an executive of multi-million dollar organizations and seeing the value of LinkedIn – we have our own family marketing agency.  We will build and set up the BEST Automation. No monthly to us, just $50 to continue the tool.

INCLUDED in the price –
-Complete customized scripts for your automation sequence
-Targeting for your niche
-14 days free service *up to 500 new connections)
-No monthly fee to US – it is YOURS from completion
-Optional LinkedIn Profile Optimization
-Works on a Free LinkedIn Profile or Sales Navigator
-Delivers 50-100 Personalized Messages Per Day via InBox
-Average 30% Accepted Connections 10%+ Engagement across all industries
-Cloud-Based Platform – Computer can be off and it still runs

Let this start working for you – and for the cost of what it would be to run it yourself. 


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