I will sell source codes of some of my tutorials on youtube



You can order the source code of any of the apps listed below and are from my YouTube Tutorials. The project(.zip) can be used in Android Studio.
List of Apps(1 App for 1 order):
01- Notes App(Kotlin, SQLite) 
02- Filterable ListView(Java)
03- RecyclerView(Java)
04- Custom ListView with SearchView & Item Clicks(Java) 
05- SQLite CRUD & ListView(Java)
06- Book App(Java, SQLite)
07- Website App(Java, WebView)
08- Firebase(Database, Storage, Search, CRUD, Java)

09- Firebase(Firestore, CRUD, Search, Java)
10- Firebase Social App(Java) [completed till latest video You Tube]
11- Firebase Grocery App(Java) [completed till latest video You Tube]
12- Cricket App(Java)
13- Namaz Timings App(Java)
14- Text Recognition App(Java)
15- SQLite CRUD & RecyclerView(Java) 
16 –SQLite CRUD & RecyclerView(Kotlin) 
Note: For projects containing Firebase(08, 09, 10, 11), you have to connect it to your own Firebase and FCM. Projects containing APIs(12, 13) you have to use your own API keys.
If you cant afford price, let me know ill do concession.


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