I will search perfect product for your online business



Please contact me before purchase to avoid future misunderstanding, thank you.


Before purchase, there is certain information that need to be noted:
1. Product research will be done strictly within Aliexpress store. Third party source will be neglected
2. I only work with one-product system. This mean I won’t gave multiple promising products. I will only give one product, that will top it off
3. My method involved Google Trends and Facebook/Instagram. If you had done the same, then my services weren’t meant for you
4. My services work best if the product meant to for online business/Shopify 

How it work:
1. I will research suitable product for your business depends on your business niche that you provided or just start from scratch to suggest you the better niche in current time
2. My report(in PDF file) will include; 
a) Suggested product(link provided)
b) Reasons of choosing(numbers and graph might be provided)
c) My tips and suggestion on handling the product


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