I will respond to patent office actions or examination reports



The Office Actions (OAs) issued by the USPTO may include one or more rejections. While some rejections are due to non-compliance of drafting guidelines, others may include subject-matter (35 USC Sec. 101), novelty (102) and obviousness (103) based rejections. 

In case it is a European Patent, you might have received an ESR or an EESR which might require a proper response for overcoming the rejections. 

Preparing the right strategy for each office action and responding to them appropriately are important to overcome the rejections. We, at KrishIP, have extensive experience in handling Office Actions issued by patent offices including the United States, Canada, Australia, EU, and India. We have responded to more than 500 Office Actions to date and have successfully obtained an allowance for most of the applications handled. 

Since the complexity of each OA differs with the type of rejection, we offer customized prices based on the type of rejection rather than charging a bomb even for basic rejections. 

Feel free to message us to get more details and to get an accurate quote.



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