I will research high selling shopify dropshipping products



Hi Friend, 
I will help you find and research Top and High selling Shopify or WordPress  Dropshipping Products  that are already selling in the market with low competition. 

 The Niches will be evergreen it will help you makes money always. 
Do you desire to succeed in the wordpress shopify store  you must have the most selling products with wow factor, problem solving and that buyers are actually Looking for every day.
These are the products criteria that i will research for your store: 

1. solves a problem
2, Supplier Rating above 4.5
3. Has at least 100 Reviews
4. Can Be  up sell or cross sell
5. Have a wow factor
6. Good target audience
7. Good margin

8. High Quality Images
9. High Margin
10. Already selling
And these are more i will do for you to really have a good success in your business 
If you have any special request or question, kindly message me. Thanks
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