I will research and write your kindle ebook memoir


I Will Be Your Ghostwriter
People generally fail to write their stories because they don’t know where or how to start. Some think their lives to be too boring to interest a reader or worry about their use of grammar, punctuation, or word choice. Working with an experienced writer eliminates those worries, allowing you to focus on the most important element of literature: your story.

Your Unique Story in Kindle eBook Format

After a combination of the returned questionnaire and writer’s releasepersonal telephone interviews with you (and up to two family members or designated friends) and a diligent search of Ancestry Family records, I will prepare the first draft of your life story for your edits, additions, and deletions before a final version is written and delivered to you, perfectly formatted for Kindle eBook publishing.

The final draft will include a proposed Title incorporated on the 

  • Title Page,
  • Acknowledgments section of those you wish to remember for their influences on your life, and
  • Table of Contents bookmarked to each Chapter for ease of navigation.


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