I will read your book and write a great description


We all love books, but what draws most readers in is the synopsis. You want your blurb to reflect the best parts of your book without giving away too much. By the end of those short paragraphs, your ideal reader should be ready for more. 

The best way to craft a synopsis readers are going to love is to get a reader to write it. You want someone who knows what will hook a reader without spoiling the plot. I can be that person for you.

I’ve spent most of my life with my nose in a book. I can make the short paragraphs pack a punch. Next to the cover, the synopsis is paramount to your success. By providing me with a file of your book, a summary, or an outline, I can read it and create a synopsis that encapsulates the best of your book.

When they’ve finished reading the description, your readers will be eager for more. 


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