I will quickly improve your spoken and conversational english


This gig will be delivered as a skype call with video. We will have a wide ranging conversation on the subject of your choice (OR I can provide one) If you have a specific event/test you are preparing for, we can focus on that.

During our discussion I will identify a few pointers to improve on pronunciation, grammar, sentence structure, idiom or vocabulary – then we can work on those. We will use the chat session in the skype window to provide emphasis or written suggestions.

I am a professionally qualified native English speaker. Born in the UK, privately educated and widely travelled I have NO REGIONAL ACCENT AT ALL. Within my speciality (Engineering) I am a sought after public speaker for international conferences/seminars etc.

I spend much of my time coaching and developing young people within our company and am very used to working with people from all cultures. 

I am located i the UK and available from early morning to late evenings.


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