I will provide you an innovative idea about your new business



After purchasing this package you will get all the business planing about your business.
what you get these following:-

1. On which which platform you have to start for best output 
     Ex. amazon Business or your own shopify store.

2. Where you need to advertise for your business
    Ex. Facebook or google adverts 

3. How you get customers for your business 
    Ex. whats app ,Facebook or somewhere else 
4. what the things you need to start your business
    Ex. website , Hosting, Damien or other things in the way

5. what are the capital you need to invest in your business
    Ex. In monetary terms

6. what the process you need to follow   
    Ex. All the process of business time, nature,etc

7.what is your business average profits 
    Ex. in terms of money 

And after these all  you got all the strategies to following all the guidance and fulfill your business dream. 



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