I will provide premium support services for your android app




are a team of seasoned developers with more than 6 years of experience
in mobile development. Our devs saw dozens of good, bad and ugly
applications but they focus on building GREAT APPS and much more
stable. We can work both on bug fixes, new features and app development
for scratch. 

Our goal as a team is to make and maintain your product sellable.
Whether your app requires small fixes or serious work to
keep it competitive, we will discuss the requirements clearly and think
about the solution together.

This gig is for you if you:

  • Have an Android version live in a store and would like to add few tweaks here and there
  • Are tired of looking for a developer each time you need an update for your app
  • Had 15 new bugs after 5 were fixed in the last release
  • Are not 100% sure how good your app is coded

How work is done:

  • You send us a list of tasks/ requirements.
  • After a code check, we give an approximate estimate for each task/requirement.
  • After your approval, we track the time internally and send you reports upon completion of each task.
  • You become another happy buyer!

gig is mostly for custom offers, as each case is special.



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