I will provide in depth market research and competitor analysis



What you get with this gig

I am a market researcher specialising in working with start-ups and small business creating in depth reports to give vital insight for sales and marketing strategies, business plans and investment pitches. With an overview of the market with market size, statistics and trends, recent news, and notable features of the market along with competitor analysis these market research reports are a cost effective way to get a great insight into your business sector. 

The market research & competitor analysis report covers:

Market Overview:
– size of the market
– trends
– statistics
– analysis of the market
– external influencing factors impacting the market now and into the future
– distribution channels
– risks and opportunities
– challenges
Competitor Analysis:
– list of directors and general company background
– products sold
– customer base
– advertising and marketing strategy
– social media presence
– general financial data
– website metrics and analysis

Work is presented as a full report with market overview, summary and competitor analysis in Word format, fully referenced with sources where applicable.


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