I will provide fundraising resources and donors



Are you looking for something new for your
fundraiser?  At no upfront cost, you can
offer awesome vacation experiences via raffles and auctions. Once you exceed
the base price, any money over that amount goes to your fundraiser. Or, you can
hold a (silent) auction, set the starting bid, and whoever bids the highest,
wins the experience. If you hold a silent auction, you can offer some packages
more than once! 

Some trips are with/without airfare and include:
New York, France, Scotland, Hawaii, and Vegas, to name a few. You can request
as many packages as you want for the day of your fundraiser.

Additionally, our listing of donation sources is constantly updated and once connected to major donors will ensure success of your organization’s fundraiser. Many donations are FREE to nonprofits for fund raising raffles and auctions!!! 


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