I will proofread, edit, or rewrite your blog posts


I will help you create top-notch content for your blog or website.

  • The Basic package includes proofreading for grammar and spelling.
  • The Standard package includes structural editing as necessary to improve the flow of the piece. This option is usually better than the basic package for translated work or writing by a non-native speaker so that I can edit it more thoroughly into native English.
  • The Premium package is ideal for a rough draft, with rewriting and restructuring as necessary to create a finished piece.

If you are not sure which package to order, please feel free to message me. I can look at your article and let you know honestly how much editing I believe it needs.

IMPORTANT: please message me before placing an order for more than 5000 words so that I can confirm my availability. I may need additional time for longer projects.


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