I will proofread, edit, and critique articles, blogs and papers


With years of experience, I am able to proofread and edit your article, blog, emails, website or other writing to improve the structure, grammar, word choice, and punctuation. I will elevate your writing for clarity, comprehension and consistency all the while keeping your tone and intent intact. It will still be your writing.  

Ask for a discount if I can use the work,confidentially, in my portfolio
I now have a gig specific to website review if you are in need of those services.


Less than 750 words
Proofreading, basic editing and clarifications. 
Sentence Structure clarifications
I can use Track Changes on MS Word documents
Turn around times will be typically faster than the 2 days quoted.

The above as mentioned but for over 750 and up to 2000 words.
This is a great value for the typical length of an article or blog post
I will also include a general overview and feedback from me on your overall writing strengths and weaknesses and if there seems to be any holes or information missing from the writing.

Includes what is in the Basic package for between 2000 and 3500 words,
Contact me if you have over 3500 words.


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