I will proofread and edit your university personal statement


You hope the school reads your essay and thinks, “Excellent.” But will they?

If your writing is rough, people will NOT have a good impression of you.

Allow me to help. When I care for your writing, it will become clear and professional. I am a computer science major, and an experienced lawyer.

I am the best editor on Fiverr. I honestly want you to benefit from my

I actually CARE about your success. In fact I’ll help you right now, by revealing the 2nd biggest mistake on admissions essays: misspelling the school, the degree, or a program/feature at the school. These must be EXACTLY right. If you say “the Advanced Program” but they always say “The” … you got it wrong. These mistakes make you look lazy, uninterested, and foreign — an outsider. Getting it 100% right makes you appear friendly, “part of the team”, and a real fan of the school.

To order:
1. Choose:
Basic: $5 for every 500 words.
Standard: $10 for every 500 
Premium: $25 every 500 

2. Click the green “Continue” button on the right

Less than 500 words? Quantity of 1.
501-1000 words? Qty. of 2… etc. 
Now press “Continue” and let’s get you accepted!


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