I will proofread and edit your essay, article, or short story


I will edit and proofread your work to check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. My Writer’s Plus and Deluxe packages also include content feedback, where I will provide notes on clarity and comprehension, tone and voice, and overall quality, depending on the package. I will edit any type of writing, including fiction, essays, articles, blog posts, and press releases. In my Intro package I will check for misspellings, inconsistent spelling (in which I will adhere to the spelling that appears first in the work), grammatical errors, punctuation errors, and sentence structure errors. In my Writer’s Plus package I will do all this in addition to providing feedback on how clear and understandable the writing is to new eyes, as well as providing suggestions on how to improve the quality of writing where necessary. In my Deluxe Package, I will provide all the services of the previous packages in addition to analyzing the voice and tone of the work and offering suggestions on how to improve those aspects.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For orders of 5000 words or more, please message me first to make sure I am available to complete a large order on time.


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