I will proofread 1000 words in 24 hours of your german text


German is my mother tongue, but I also speak English fluently.
For 3 years I have been translating texts from English to German and vice versa. Of course, it strikes me that even with manual translations, mistakes creep in.
I am exactly the right person for you to eradicate these mistakes.
However, my service is not only aimed towards translated texts, but I also correct texts written in German. This includes for example books, theses, seminar papers, websites, blogs, product listings… and much more.
My service includes:
– Grammatical errors
– legibility
– Typographical errors
– punctuation
I also comment if I see any inconsistencies in the content.
The price scale is as follows:
1000 words – $5
2000 words – $10

and so on.

I can also give feedback about the quality of the text and about the translator.

I also offer to convert the text from the German “Du-Form” to the “Sie Form” and vice versa.


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