I will program your new game for any platform



1. I will write the FULL source code for your game that will be flexible for any audio or artistic implementations that you may want into the game.

2  Nearly all regular platforms are supported Windows, MacOS, HTML5(in browser), Android, iOS, Linux

3. It will include all the physics and mechanics necessary for your game to function.

4. Infinite number of revisions are permitted, I’ll change or implement anything to the game even after the product is delivered.

1. I will not provide art or music for your game. However animating existing art or sprites is no issue. You don’t need to have all the art and design ready beforehand, all you need is a placeholder and you can edit in your desired files later.
2. Some of the provided features might depend upon the aspects of your game. So you might have to manually verify with a message to estimate the final result.
3. Not compatible with engine specific requests.


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