I will professionally teach you polish online


Do you want to learn Polish, practice Polish or challenge somebody in Polish? You have found a right guy!

I can help you become a real Polish speaker as I am a native speaker myself.
Poland is my home and thanks to my tutoring you will understand this coutry’s beautiful official language.

I believe there are few keys to actually learn language:
– have fun with the process; you are not going to learn language overnight so it is necessary to just enjoy the process of learning
– do not be afraid of making mistakes; everybody does make them, nothing to worry about! It is a natural way of improving
– surround yourself with that language; your favourite tv show with dubbing and subtitles, your favourite website in that language, your book, your radio, your whatever-you-spend-your-time-in thing
– have a good teacher; you have to have a mentor. Maybe you make mistakes and you don’t know about it. You need someone who can correct you and show you the way. Maybe constantly, maybe occasionally. You have to figure out that last one by yourself but I can help with all the previous said. I can be your mentor (or buddy).

Message me if you have any questions about my lessons or pricing.


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