I will professional script notes from former studio executive


After nearly 10 years of experience working in film development, for major studios and production companies in Hollywood and London, I know what these companies expect from a script. I was on the recieving end of many projects and now that I am a freelancer, I want to work with writers to help them make sure their draft is the best possible version it can be when presented to these companies. I will help make sure your story is solid and cohesive, your characters are grounded and relatable, the rules of your universe are clear, your script has market potential and production feasability. I have my finger on the pulse of what is happening in in industry and often aware of competitive development, what companies may be interested in your project, what kind of budget you should expect your film/TV series to be, etc. Whether you are writing a script that you are hoping to get produced or that you would prefer to use as a writing sample, I can help get it to the next level with a set of professional development notes – the kind you’d expect to recieve from a development executive/development producer/script editor.


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