I will prepare a business tax return and file



We are a certified tax preparer and specialist in USA Income Tax and electronic filing. We can help you with all of your corporate tax-related matters. We are also experts in individual resident and non-resident taxation and personal businesses (LLC). We have been helping businesses and individuals for accounting, bookkeeping, tax planning, tax return preparation and filing from the last 20 years. W have expertise in foreign-owned LLC in Delaware, Wyoming or Nevada. We will prepare and file your business tax or personal federal and state tax return promptly and accurately. I am available year-round to help you with tax returns amendments, extension or any question. 

Business Tax Return 1120S (S Corporation) 

Business Tax Return 1065 (Partnership) 

Please note, an LLC can be taxed on the individual level or as a Corporate level, or Partnership depending on how it was originally set-up.

We can process your ITIN application as IRS Certifying Accepting Agent (processing time 6-9 Weeks)

If you have a unique situation, please get in touch with me for a price estimate.  Bookkeeping must be up to date through the last day of the business’ tax year.


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