I will poshmark closet share 3x a day



An excellent way to boost engagement & visibility!

Is There a Listing Cap?
Yes, I will share your closet 3 times per day (morning, noon, night) maxes out at 300 listings, additional shares can be purchased via gig drop down menu. It’s $5 per every additional 150 Listings. 

Whose Account Do You Share From? 
I can share from my account which has 91,000+ followers, all you need to provide is your closet name. Or I can share from your account, if you want to provide username and log in info. This is fully up to you. 

What Time Do You Share? 
I Try to space out shares to go along with parties as much as I can, but they typically fall sometime within the following time frames. 

Morning Share: 6am-9am 
Afternoon Share: 10am – 2pm
Evening Share: 5pm – 8pm 

Weekends Typically Follow same frames but are subject to change. 

I also send reports at the end of each night letting you know what times I shared and the exact number of listings I shared. 


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