I will perform a security assessment on your web application



Do you have a WebSite and you are wondering if you should be worried?
I will be honest, you should
Every day there are new threats that you see on the News but you think it will never happen to you? 
I invite you to take at least a cheap security assessment and get involved
What we Offer?
We will provide a Security Assessment which includes OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities, Extensive Automated Scans, common vulnerabilities, injection and authorization attacks, and more!
Our reports prioritize the issues so you know where to focus first.
What are my options?
  • Premium: Full Site scan, Source Code Review and an extensive report with recommendations
  • Medium: Basic + Extensive scans, detailed report with recommendations
  • Basic: A quick scan with our tools, and give you a basic report of your situation
Why those prices compared to others in this site?
We are professionals involved in the InfoSec community. 
Working for top companies, we get involved and work together in several weeks assessments in huge products. 

Consider this, a side-sales channel. 

Have questions? just ask them! 

Please, read the FAQ.


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