I will organize your business on monday project management software



I love Monday.com, and I want to help others use it! As a professional Project Manager, I have seen the transformational power of this software. I will make sure your data is transferred cleanly and professionally. 

Monday.com is a project management tool that acts as a database – at the bottom level, it stores your data. At the top level, you can transform that data or use automations to do things like view zipcodes on a map, email people automatically in the software, etc. 

I am experienced with Integromat and Zapier, as well as a wide variety of business software like Mailchimp, Quickbooks, etc. I can hook them up to help make sure your business is running automatically & smoothly while you are away.

Are you wondering “Is Monday.com right for me and my business?”

Please choose one of the options below, or reach out about a custom quote. I am very used to working with companies at different levels of Monday exploration!


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