I will mentor you in dropshipping for shopify



Do you need a dropshipping mentor to help you understand the dropshipping game & boost results? Try me and see for yourself. 

*Please read FAQ section

Guide to:

?? 10-15 days shipping as a beginner – reveals the agent to you

?? Proven high converting store design – set up your store for high conversion rate. 

?? Save $ on app fees – show you the most effective budget friendly must have apps

?? Less adspend but more sales – help you with ads manager to produce better result

?? High quality ad – shows you how to get professional HD quality ad at lowest price

?? 27/7 support – provides answer or solution to your dropshipping related questions or problems 

?? 30 minutes interaction – daily video/audio call for better results and understanding

?? Beginner to Expert – Turns you from beginner to expert in the 30 days mentorship

?? Dropshipping courses – give you access to dropshipping courses at the end of the mentorship

?? Reality reveal – make you understand the reality of dropshipping. The ups and downs, the realistic goal, the budget required, the possibility, the fake belief, etc.


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