I will market research analysis, web scraping, data mining task



Market Research, Market Report Analysis, Web Scraping and Data Mining Services: 
I will do market research with systematic gathering and interpretation of information about organizations using statistical, analytical techniques:

  • Investigating market activity
  • Data Mining (For Large Companies Data)
  • Analyzing published data and statistics
  • Evaluating past performance of a product or service’s sales
  • Assessing future trends
  • Collect data about different specific categorised companies
  • Commissioning surveys
  • Coordinating research projects
  • Business Markets
  • Real estate or Property data look-up
  • Legal or Medical research
  • Company contact details i.e. name, URL, mailing address, phone, general or contact
  • CEO’s e-mail findings
  • Companies back end Information

Additional Services:

  • Web Scraping (Collecting specific data or reports)
  • Web Research (Specifically Target Audience)
  • Lead Generation (For Business Purpose)
  • Business Email List (For MARKETING Purpose)
  • Business Directory Scraping (Specific Niche, Keywords or Field)


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