I will manage your project using agile, scrum, kanban or waterfall



My process involves fit for purpose project management wherein I combine best practices of the Project Management Institute, Scrum, Kanban and some aspects of Scaled Agile Framework to execute complex projects, experiments and minimum viable products.

Because of this, all teams that I have led, not only met its delivery targets 90% to 100% of the time, but most especially, we have delivered projects that solved actual and real-life business problems.

  • I will start with getting my self acquainted with the overall project goals, the product itself, the high level scope, schedule and budget constraints. I will also get to know the target market and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Then, together with your team, I will review and improve the product roadmap to identify the must-have items that would deliver the highest value when pushed to production.
  • Depending on the team’s knowledge of Agile / Scrum, I can deliver a bootcamp to get everyone on the same page, otherwise I can proceed with the first sprint planning covering priority items. From here, the standard events (Sprint Planning, Sprint Execution, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospectives) and artifacts of Scrum will apply.


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