I will make your website fully gdpr compliant by industry expert with free analysis



FIVERR’s #1 GDPR Compliance Gig


These are the pricing plans I am offering on this gig;

Basic – Cookie Policy only with a FREE Analysis
Standard – Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy & GDPR Report
Premium – Incl. Standard plus I do all the work detailed in breakdown below
I’m a software developer, who have been helping company’s across the UK to become GDPR Complaint. GDPR is now in effect as of 25th May 2018, as a website owner you will need to comply with the following;

  1. Right to be forgotten
  2. Personal Data Access
  3. Pseudonymous
  4. Cookies consent
  5. Breach notification
  6. Data portability

I have worked with some of the UK’s largest businesses (Thompson Holidays, Brother UK) and have helped them to become compliant. 
Here is a breakdown of what I do;
1. Analyse your website against GDPR regulations. 
2. Write a Cookie Policy (2-3 Pages)
3. Write a Privacy Policy (12-18 Pages)
4. Install GDPR Compliant Cookie Acceptance Bar
5. Make your Web Forms GDPR Compliant
6. Ensure your website is Safe and Secure
7. Add any additional features such as User Access Requests etc
Unlike other sellers, we provide you 100% GDPR Compliance


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