I will make world bank credited business coaching consultation



I will do on a business consultation for individuals or groups of people on the following business topics:

  • Personal coaching and mentoring

  • Communication and interpersonal skills for managers coaching

  • Individual Executive/CEO coaching (leadership)

  • Individual sales coaching (coaching for sales performance)

  • Sales leadership coaching

  • Startup coaching

  • Consulting for startups

  • Small business coaching

  • Career transition coaching (Resume, Cover letter, Education. Interview, Trends, Analytics)

  • Conflict resolution coaching (methods, strategies, skills, examples, steps)

  • Change management (culture, processes, people)

  • Coaching for development 

  • Coaching for performance 

  • Negotiation coaching

  • Brand identity and positioning coaching

Experience more than 18 years in global consulting
Projects completed: more than 150 with Guaranteed Result
Geographies: USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Ireland
Industries: IT, fintech, telecommunication, retail, e-commerce, Social Media, Advertising, Healthcare, consumer electronics, FMCG, distribution, fashion, consulting, career coaching, retail, E-commerce, real estate, manufacturing, logistic, PR, agencies, M&A


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