I will make resume, cover letter and improve linkedin profile


Are you looking to update your resume and make it more attractive to current job offers? So you are in the right place!

I am a passionate of the recruitment world and I have worked in this area for almost 10 years. I currently live in Spain and am willing to help you to get your dream job!

The resume is your presentation card, so with my help I guarantee you that it will be more attractive and will reflect your professional experience as effectively as possible. I can help you capture the attention of potential employers. 

With this service you will receive a new resume and a cover letter to present it. 

Also, I can improve your Linkedin profile so you can be more reached by the recruitment companies! 

I am also an expert in labor counselling, so don’t hesitate on sending me your requires if you need help with the recruitment process as well as with the interview, I can send you a customized budget for any of your needs in finding a job!

Don’t worry, I will help you get your dream job!

Why you should hire me:

*Unlimited revisions.

*Delivery before time.

*Send it pdf and in word for modification. 

*24/7 hours available on Fiverr.

*Great comunication


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