I will make programs or teach programming to you



Simple and Intuitive Gig. I will create webpages for you or teach you some of my programming skills.

Welcome! Hope you are having a wonderful day! 

My name is Rodrigo and I have experience with all programming paradigms, from function to Imperative and Object oriented (You can check my github for some projects). 

So one day some of my friends said I was a good teacher,and I started to try teaching haskell to some people and all of them seem to have liked it! So I decided to open my own gig. 

Principal languages used: 

  • Python (Imperative and Object oriented)
  • Haskell (Functional Programming)
  • Java (Object Oriented)
  • C/C++ (Imperative Language)

Let’s talk about your needs first and after that we make a choice on what’s better for you! 🙂

For now I’m using Manual Secheduling!


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