I will make java, javafx applications and gui projects



DISCLAIMER: I don`t accept any work / project that can be classified as homework / assignment writing.
I am a passionate java developer and I love java programming among C#, Python and C++ programming.

I am capable of creating Amazing and Unmatched Gui projects and applications using following technologies:

  • Java FX 8 + SceneBuilder
  • JFX8 apps without SceneBuilder (without drag `n drop, no FXML code)
  • Swing, JFrame and AWT GUI`s
  • Applets (AWT) and JApplets (Swing)

Database I mostly use are:

  1. SQlite
  2. My SQL (with PHP MyAdmin)
  3. Microsoft Access

Preferred IDE`s :

  1. Netbeans 8.2
  2. Eclipse
  3. IntelliJ Idea IDE
  4. Visual Studio

Feel free to contact me if you want any customized project in Java or some other
Technology / Framework related to Java.


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