I will make 360 video, virtual reality company tour




  • By now you already know that VR or virtual reality can be a very effective marketing tool. Maybe you even experienced one personally. This gig is a first footstep inside this world.
  • I offer a virtual tour in the form of 360 video for your factory or company visitors. The offer varies with the number of videos you have (steps on the tour).
  • I can provide you with a content creation system, that will allow you to create more content by yourself. I will train you how to use it.
  • These marketing activities can help automate some of the marketing activities, like tour guides, and provide you with a good ROI.


  • My service includes one hour design meeting before we start the work, to make sure we are setup with all the content and expectations.
  • The hardware should be decided in advance, so you could start the purchasing process of it. Also the development is directly related to the resulted one. During the design meeting I will help with this issue. 
  • The 360 video itself is not part of my work, but I can provide you with a demo video so you could experience what it would be like.
  • In the end of production we will have another training meeting on how to use the result.


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