I will make 2d game with unity



We will make a complete 2-D game for you as your liking. There are various platforms from which you can choose for the game to be made on like PC, Android and Web-GL. We will do all the Coding and Problem solving for you so that you can get a game that you can call your game. 🙂

  • The Bronze pack only and only is for those who want a running Prototype of the game, it will only contain one level and UI Screen. 
  • The Silver package is like a production game it will contain at least 3 levels and will also contains distinguished sprite and animation(if provided).
  • In the Gold pack we will give you every rights of the game you can edit inside the Unity editor as per your liking. The source code will also be provided. We will also upload the game on Google Playstore and monetize it(at extra cost).

For more details about the Gig and the work Contact Us.


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