I will line edit or proofread your manuscript


Writing is hard work. You pour your blood, sweat, and tears into your keyboard, and when you’re done, it’s hard to be impartial. 

I will go through your writing at a price of $1/1000 words. I will correct all spelling and punctuation errors, and make all other changes via the “track changes” function of Microsoft Word or Google Docs so you can approve them. I will go through your writing line by line, making inline comments if I think a word should be changed or a sentence restructured. 

PLEASE NOTE: If I think your piece would be better served by more thorough editing, I WILL TELL YOU, and we can discuss your options. I want what’s best for your writing, and I can recognize this gig won’t always be it. Feel free to send me a sample of your work ahead of time so we can discuss if this gig is right for you!

I will NOT provide commentary on the characterization, plot, or tone. Please see my other gig for broader alpha/beta reading services. This gig is specifically for catching minor errors before you submit your work/query/self-publish. 

This gig is for 10,000 words- please order multiple gigs as necessary.


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