I will integrate your web app with a rest API



I have worked with a
multitude of APIs in my years of experience in software development. Here are four large API integrations I led: 

1. Integrate a API
for pulling event information (patient and HCP data compliance required)

2. Integrate API for
pulling healthcare plan information based on different parameters – state,
insurance plan type, etc.

3. Integrate API for
pulling drug performance study information based on various parameters –
subject age, weight, drugs used, etc.

4. Integrate API for
pulling data for drug sample data and allow requests for samples 

Older examples include a financial client which required
implementation of a mass marketing system that used Twilio as a primary call
sending API and SendGrid as its primary email sending API (there was a backup
email API in case we needed to quickly switch between APIs for email sending)
and an ASP.NET Web API 2 back-end. 

I also built two
APIs for two different apps and was able to integrate both with their
corresponding mobile apps. 

Attached you may find the architecture doc I created to help communicate
to my client how we would be integrating with an API that provides energy data.


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